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fashion and styling

Discover your personal style, the confidence and playfullness that comes with it.

Onto the self discovery, let me inspire you how you can transform how you feel and experiment with your fashion and styling. LOOSE CONTROL OVER YOUR STYLE for one day ! Let me invite you for a wardrobe cleanse or a day of fashion and styling with your own PHOTOSHOOT !


I want to identify what makes you shine and bring that to the surface.

fashion and styling
fashion and styling

My Happy Clients!

Minimalistic lifestyle is not as easy as you think. Wardrobe cleansing is an essential part of minimalistic lifestyle. Marta Dolska helped me understand how to express my unique personality through fashion. Thanks to her my wardrobe represents who I really am. We have also re-designed, upcycled and donated my old-me clothing. Marta is very creative and inspiring fashionista, who uses her intuitions and wisdom to guide you in your personal metamorphosis.
Pati Bond 007 xoxo



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