Decluttering your mind #1

I wouldn’t ask you first what would you like to wear today. No that wouldn’t be my first choice.


I would ask you : What is that you would really like to do today?

Let’s start from there.

Am I getting dressed for the wrong life ocassions? Is my style empowering me to do the things that I like?

Style is often an outcome of needs and practicalities of life.

What inspires me in Oktober. The weather outside, the temperature? Have you ever wondered how the weather affects your mood and therefore your style? What is possible in these weather conditions? Is it fall is it winter or does it feel like spring? Climat changed by we didn’t. I guess the answer is to adapt.

So if its not too cold and it’s 13 degrees why don’t you put on some shorts, your favourite pair of sneakers, some colorful socks, your most favourite hoodie or sweater (let it be at least 50% wool), if you live in Copenhagen it might be raining so put on your raincoat and hat or cap and go enjoy our cold spring. It is very healthy to expose skin into the cold, your immune system gets boosted.

I recently made a commercial shoot as model, but we will get to the modelling part later, with a brand that sells not the product but actual recepies for knitting, and they have the most practical tube scarf.

That would be my todays recommendation. Find your local artisan or learn it yourself, and knit this lovely accessory that in my books its not only practical but a hot piece of scandi fashion. <3



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