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let the creativity flow. Creativity is very fluid. the way i dress is sort of experience dressing. i find clothes when i travel, sometimes on a set when i work as a model, i discover cool demo pieces. Sometimes i steal my Moms clothes, she is just the best at shopping online, she can spend hours upon hours, so she definitely buys curated pieces. So everytime i’m back in Poland visiting her, we do these sort of dress-up parties, me and my Mom love talking about fashion, she always shows me shoes she bought, she loves buying hats and original clothes. She usually buys second hand, there is such a huge market right now. A little bit more about me and my Mom in the next post ?.

Model. Stylist. Creative Direction.

Photoshoots – i like to tell stories. Frozen moments in time. Photography can capture undefinable dimensions in-between moments, emotions painted over the face. It’s like an instinct. The more i work with it the more obsessed i become, the world becomes a playground. A sentence i use most often is – ” it’s a great place for a photoshoot” – my ex used to laugh at that.

Styling Session in Copenhagen. Stylist. Personal Stylist. Creative Direction. Fashion Photography.

Jacket my Mom fished out on the net.

The dress and leggings from H2O Fagerholt.

Men’s socks snatched off a stylist I worked with on one of my modelling jobs.

Shoes i bought with my bestie she bought the same pair in another colour #shoppinggoals, a good buy is
a good buy ! i will keep you guys updated on the best deals there are, but QUALITY first !

i love this dress as it is a perfect in-between seasons piece. Flowers are like an awakening from a little dull Danish WINTER ?. But the black background makes it very universal actually, it’s both quite so feminine and edgy which is my unique pairing. i did that shoot around in December, i wanted to stay in quite a winterish vibe, that is why i have mostly chosen black for shoes and the jacket. i will definitely coming back to show you how i styled this dress in many different ways, as potentially this dress could be like one time wear if you would have to take that decision alone in the shop, but there is so many factors that makes it both a really enjoyable piece, fun to style and it’s sooo comfortable and so diverse.

H2O is one of my favourite Danish sport/casual brands since they started this collaboration with Fagerholt i started really to look forward to their next collections. As they cleverly described it as a contemporary take on activewear – for me that makes a satisfying combo.

Matching pair of leggings, print on print situation, there were also long leggings to choose from but I didn’t want to take the attention away from the dress, that is why i decided to buy short ones, plus i will more likely use shorter leggings more often. Showing a little skin, you can zip it up and down, playful, easy, comfortable and a cool fashion statement. No holding back here please !

Location scouting is my passion. Favourite play city Copenhagen.

København <3

Dolska H2O Fagerholt
Location? Well i don’t kiss and tell ?

Photo credit: Vartan Epremian.


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