Prices will vary according to a client as each project is uniqely different. It can be either an hourly wage, a day rate, or a project rate.

Have a look at some sample prices below.

Styling and Photoshoot – depends on the requirements, but is usually involves clothes pick up and return – price for half day is 2500kr and a full day costs 5000kr, excl. the photographer fee. (I work both with professional and newly started photographers, we will find the bost solutions to fit the budget).

Image Campaign – more advanced and conceptualized photo session it will involve a lot of moving parts and can cost from 5000 -15.000kr.

Social Media – a day for Social media, including a small photosession or simply developing the idea and the channels 2500kr.

Lookbook – includes styling, basic make up and the photoshoot, arrangement of the setting, conceptualization from 5000-10.000kr. For any special hair styling and make up, I will have to arrange a professional hair and a make up stylist for the additional cost of 2000kr an hour..

Creative Consultancy – depending on the lenght of the consultation, we can either agree an hourly fee which is 500kr or half day fee 2000kr and full day fee 4500kr.

*All prices are including tax., can be discussed and tailored to each individual or company.