Personally I love shopping online, because is convienient, you can really take your time and see if the clothes you bought really fit, and that they work with the rest of your wardrobe, and its a time saver. BUT shopping online can become quite  a task and its best to save your time and leave it all to me, specially if you are running a very busy life. 

How do we go about it?

✔️I will ask you to send me 1 full figure photos of yourself, to share your social media platform if you have one and fill the survey that i will sent to you.

✔️Its very important that I will get to know you so I can do my magic better.

✔️Depends of your needs I will assign a time frame that I will use for finding outfits, pieces or whatever you might need and I will send my pick to you with links to finish the order. We will have a online call to discuss my picks for you.

✔️You will also get a personal style analysis, plus style, color, silhouette styling tips.

✔️ Yoi will get to understand your meassurements and how that translate in choosing the right sizes online

Things I bought online and loving it !

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