Creative Consultancy.

Your dream

Do you need help starting up with your dream project? It can be anything from finding the right name, choosing what product or service you want to make, maybe its a podcast, youtube channel or website? Maybe you want to start making a product.

I can discuss it with you and help you defining your plan, conceptualise you idea, start you up with basics like social media, website set up, image, photosession and help you navigate the process of the creation of your project.

There are many different hacks, shortcuts, platforms or quick visual activities that can start you up very quickly.

I have been through this process many times and I do have a bullet proof ways of blowing your mind how quickly your dream can come true.

I have an unique ability for seeing ppl natural abilities and talents, or helping you to understand how to approach your wishes and dreams that may seem far away. I use some creative tools together with a pretty developed set skills like ppl skills, trend and newness generation, together with concept creation.

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Marta Dolska