Closet Cleanse

Its going to be mostly fun, don’t you worry! Its not about how much you own, but what you own, for some less is more works, for some it doesn’t. As your to go to Fashonista I can say without a doubt that I like a good amount of options to suit my creativity and mood.

But that’s me. A part of a very interesting process it to figure out what are you needs, wishes, what you struggle with, what you need more of and a little bit organizing wouldn’t hurt.

There is no one solution that fit all, but the good news is that I am here for that very reason, to make your wardrobe not only functional but also exciting.

I get it sometimes it gets overwhelming, not enough time, no time to shop or shopping gets tiring especially when its been a while and  knowing whats new and worth while and where it takes time on its own. That’s why I keep an eye on what’ s new on the highstreet, in luxury and my style picks. ——–>  Keep en eye  🤩

There will be always clothes that we may decide that not longer work in your wardrobe but not to worry I have ways to turn that into your profit honey !

Main take outs🚦

✔️ Self discovery

✔️ Declattering

✔️ Your wardrobe organized

✔️ What works and what doesn’t according to your style, lifestyle, personality and silhouette

✔️ Oufits solutions

✔️ What is missing

Some of my favourite brands

Sustainable brand

Awesome basics

bullet proof

Second Hand