Wardrobe Styling

Discover yourself with a help of a personal stylist. There is a sea of choices, we are also changing, our style changes, our lifestyle changes.

 Sometimes you may just need to re-visit some of the choices you already made and see them in a new light, or maybe you want a fresh start and get inspired. I am here for you to tailor your wardrobe to your needs.

Be more confident in what you wear and who you are. Have those pieces on the go that will be like a 100% feel great pieces.

 If your wardrobe is not screaming pleasure to you, what has gone wrong?

✔️Decoding your style, your wishes, your silhouette, colors, creating outfits/capsule wardrobe for different occassions, you name it 

✔️Making the best out of your money, what you spend. Not only new clothes are gold to everyone. I believe that you can also find those hidden gems in second-hand or in a flea market. Your wishes defines our journey together, I will make it interesting for you.

✔️What is the most important, is that clothes should mirror your lifestyle or invite you to the lifestyle you want to have, they should flatter your personality and give those subtle hints to the society, to send the right message.. 

✔️I will ask you to send me 1 full figure photo of yourself, to share your social media platform, if you have one and fill in the survey that I will sent to you.

✔️You will also get a personal style analysis, plus style, color and silhouette styling tips.


Im all about lifestyle Baby

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